Al Pino Cucina Italiana Piraeus

The third Alpino Cucina Italiana restaurant, we opened it in a high aesthetics space, at 1 Dilaveri Coast in Mikrolimano. The decoration, the freshness and delicacy are the words we used as the basis for creating this restaurant. Designed with great attention in order to exude elegant luxury and Italian finesse.

Alpino Cucina Italiana, has been trying all the years to become a luxurious Italian restaurant without exaggeration, which respects its customers in terms of both quality and economy, since even if our products are quality and deliciously preserved at low prices.

Garden area in Summer, offering relaxed Italian Fine dining.
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Alpino Cucina Italiana Piraeus

1 Dilaveri Coast

Οpen daily & Weekend 11:00 - 01:00

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